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How to register to exams

You can register to an exam 20 days prior to the exam up until 2 days before the actual exam date.

Step 1: enter your Student Portal
Step 2: go to the Questionnnaire section to fill out the survey relevant to the exam;
Step 3: go to the Exam section to choose the session;

You can register to an exam in the Student Portal only if:

  • you paid all university tuition fees
  • that course is included in your Study Plan
  • you passed all propaedeutic exams related to the one to which you want to be registered
  • you attended the course, in case the attendance is compulsory

Exam registration guide and tutorial

Result of exams

Results of exams will be sent  to the university email box via email.
From the arrival of this email, you will have 5 days to deny the result in Student Portal – Bacheca Esiti if you want to repeat the exam to get a better result. Without any action taken in these 5 days, the result will be confirmed and accepted automatically by the system. If after some weeks a passed exam is not listed among your passed exams, please contact the professor to check if he/she has registered the result in the system.
Students who fail the exam can resit it in the subsequent session