Graduation Calendar a.y. 2021-2022 1st session 2nd session 3rd session
STEP 1 – Online request Submission; Filling out the Alma Laurea online questionnaire; Payment of graduation fee June 7th 2022 July 26th 2022 January 31st 2023
STEP 2 – Registration of all exams (included PCLs and Individual Training Activities); Upload of a definitive copy of the thesis in your reserved area (only PDFA documents are accepted) June 28th 2022 September 13th 2022 February 21st 2023
STEP 3 – GRADUATION DATE July 21st 2022 October 4th 2022 March 14th 2023

Graduation Regulation

When a student is about to graduate, he/she must follow the steps:

  1. Check deadlines on department’s website: it helps to know the deadline for each submission of different documents/request. graduation calendar 2020-2021
  2. Fill in questionnaire on Almalaurea: the questionnaire aims to collect evaluation and opinions about the university’s life. It’s in Student Portal– Conseguimento Titolo – Registrazione/Accesso Almalaurea.
  3. Submit graduation request: after the questionnaire, the Student Portal system opens the section ‘Conseguimento titolo’ where student can submit the graduation request on-line.

To know more details please see the How to submit graduation request page.

Graduation session March 23rd 2022

The Graduation Ceremony will take place on March 23rd at 9.00a.m. in Aula Scarpa

Zoom link for participating online was sended via email to all the candidates, for info write to

The discussion of the thesis and the graduation ceremony will occur in different dates.

The discussion must be carried out in the presence of the supervisor and two other professors of the MSc in Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences. One of them will be designed as co-supervisor. The supervisor, in cooperation with the didactic office of the MSc, will indicate the date and time for the discussion as well as the members of the examination board.

Only those candidates whose academic career is concluded before the deadline set for each graduation date can be admitted to the discussion of their thesis.

The discussion is conditional on the candidate obtaining all the required credits in their academic careers within  the deadlines set by the student secretariat for each graduation date, with the exception of credits deriving from the thesis itself.

The graduation ceremony will take place after the discussion during three annual sessions, respectively scheduled for July, September and March. The student is not required to participate in the ceremony since the title is achieved anyway.

The timing and procedures for the submission of the online application, submission of the thesis as well as the implementation of any other mandatory procedure to obtain the title are established annually  by the student secretariat (see the prospect above).