Individual Training Activity

Individual training activities are carried out by attending a number of formative activities chosen by the student, according with his interest. Formative activities can consist of seminars, conferences or experiments in the framework of psychology and they are assigned a number of credits corresponding to the duration and the nature of the event.

The number of credit assigned to each activity can be calculated using the following conversion table:

half an hour  – 1/8 (0,125) CFU
1 hour – 1/4 (0,25) CFU
2 hours – 1/2 (0,5) CFU

up to 2 hours –  1/4 (0,25) CFU
half day –  1/2 (0,5) CFU
whole day  – 1 CFU

The maximum amount of CFU for a single experiment /seminar is 2 CFU, even if its duration takes several days.

To register the credits, students must submit the request to the Administration Office filling out the following form where the student will upload:

  1. Individual Training Activity – Activity Log
  2. Attendance certificate for each of the activities
  3. Individual Training Activity – Certificate


Fill out your request at this link

*** The registration of credits is done on the LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH and needs at least a week to show in the reserved area ***




In case of assistance needed send an email to