Graduation session July 21st 2021

The Graduation ceremony will take place in Pavia,  Aula Scarpa  – Corso di Strada Nuova,65  at 12:00 a.m. while live stream will be available at the following link.


Thesis guidelines – MSc Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Science


Degrees are awarded after successfully passing a final exam, which assesses whether a student has achieved the educational objectives of the second-cycle degree in Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences.

The final exam is worth 14 credits and consists in the preparation and discussion by the student of an original thesis written under the guidance of a supervisor, who is usually selected before the beginning of the last year of study. The thesis shlould be around 100 pages, including the bibliography.

The exam discussion is open to the public.

The mark for the thesis can range from 0 to 6 points. The overall mark (out of 110) is the sum of the average weighted marks of a student’s career added to the mark for the thesis dissertation, based on the type and quality of the work, the judgment of the supervisor and co-supervisor, the presentation by the graduating student, and the subsequent discussion. Spending a period of study abroad can determine the attribution of extra points, according to the length of the stay and the amount of credits obtained in the host university. The awarding of cum laude requires unanimous agreement on the part of the examining committee. The thesis must be written in English.

The discussion of the thesis and the graduation ceremony will occur in different dates. The discussion must be carried out in the presence of the supervisor and two other professors of the MSc in Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences. One of them will be designed as co-supervisor. The supervisor, in cooperation with the didactic office of the MSc, will indicate the date and time for the discussion as well as the members of the examination board.

Only those candidates whose academic career is concluded before the deadline set for each graduation date can be admitted to the discussion of their thesis.

The discussion is conditional on the candidate obtaining all the required credits in their academic careers within  the deadlines set by the student secretariat for each graduation date, with the exception of credits deriving from the thesis itself.

The graduation ceremony will take place after the discussion during three annual sessions, respectively scheduled for July, September and March. The student is not required to participate in the ceremony since the title is achieved anyway.

The timing and procedures for the submission of the online application, submission of the thesis as well as the implementation of any other mandatory procedure to obtain the title are established annually  by the student secretariat.

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