Individual Training Activity

Individual training activities are carried out by attending a number of formative activities chosen by the student, according with his interest. Formative activities can consist of seminars, conferences or experiments in the framework of psychology and they are assigned a number of credits corresponding to the duration and the nature of the event.

The number of credit assigned to each activity can be calculated using the following conversion table:

half an hour  – 1/8 (0,125) CFU
1 hour – 1/4 (0,25) CFU
2 hours – 1/2 (0,5) CFU

up to 2 hours –  1/4 (0,25) CFU
half day –  1/2 (0,5) CFU
whole day  – 1 CFU

The maximum amount of CFU for a single experiment /seminar is 2 CFU, even if its duration takes several days.
Activities which entail extraordinary responsibilities and duration will be evaluated individually by theDidactic Board.

To register the credits, students must print and fill the individual training activity form and the certificate uploaded at the bottom of this page and submit them to the administration office – Piazza Botta 11, Pavia, together with an attendance certificate for each of the activities taken or send them to

Individual Training Activity form 

Individual Training Activity – Certificate