Final Thesis -lecturers and topics

Bambini Valentina: experimental pragmatics, pragmatic language disorder in clinical populations, pragmatics in children and older adults, behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of pragmatic abilities, relationship between pragmatics and Theory of Mind, metaphor and humor in communication;

Bottini Gabriella: neuropshysiological and pathological aspects of body representation, Unilateral Spatial Neglect, body awareness and interception, metaphor interpretation, dementia, neurolaw, exploration of the cognitive functioning through functional neuroimaging, electrodermal activity, tDCS, Caloric Vestibular Stimulation;

Canessa Nicola: behavioral, neuroimaging and neuromodulation studies in healthy individuals; areas of interest: neuroeconomics; social neuroscience;

Cappa Stefano: neurobiology of language, cognitive aging, disorders of language, memory and social cognition in neurodegeneration;

Casellato Claudia: computational neuroscience, cerebellum, neural networks, spiking, sensorimotor tasks, plasticity and learning;

Chesi Cristiano: computational modeling of linguistic processing, computational complexity and difficulty perceived in language understanding and production, linguistic acquisition and degeneration;

Di Francesco Michele: philosophy of mind, philosophy of cognitive science, self-consciousness and personal identity, the extended mind hypothesis;

Ferrari Chiara: behavioral and neuromodulation studies in memory, cerebellum, social cognition, imagery and spatial cognition, blindness;

Gandola Martina: behavioural, neuromodulation (tDCS and TMS), and fMRI studies in body representation and spatial cognition, anatomical studies in patients with spatial neglect, deficits of motor awareness and body ownership. Behavioural and anatomical studies on brain plasticity in patients with orthopaedic diseases;

Lecce Serena: theory of mind in children and older adults, social cognition, social relationships, social behaviour, executive functions, social communication;

Rinaldi Luca: time representation, numerical cognition, motor system, language statistics, spatial processing;

Russo Riccardo: issues regarding the impact of brain neuro-modulation on cognitive functioning in young and elderly people as well as on cognitive aging particularly with respect to decision-making;

Sereni Andrea: epistemology, theory of knowledge, philosophy of language, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of logic;

Tomasetta Alfredo: philosophy of science, (in)formal logic, philosophy of mind, philosophical theories of consciousness, personal identity, mind and self in classical Indian philosophy;

Van Vugt Floris: psychology and neuroscience of musical cognition;

Vecchi Tomaso Elia: behavioral and neuromodulation studies in memory, cerebellum, social cognition, imagery and spatial cognition, blindness.