Practice Courses and Labs – PCLs

PCLs Calendar November – December*

(updated November 19th)


*PCLs will only be in presence unless otherwise specified

List of enrolled students PCLs a.y. 2021-2022



You have to take 4 PCLs (8 CFU) during the course of your first year.


You have to take 2 PCLs (4CFU) during the course of your second year.

Here you find the enrolment form

Below is the the list of courses scheduled for the a.y. 2021-2022**

(first slot // november- dicember // schedule will be up soon)

Timeframe Lecturer Title
from Monday November 22nd to Friday Dicember 21st 2021
Agrillo Christian Psychology of music performances
Agrillo Christian New methodological tools in comparative psychology
Bonoldi Ilaria Mental health assessment: psychopathological scenarios
Cacioppo Roberta Ethical and deontological issues in psychology part 1*
Bettiga Riccardo
Cancer Alice Rhythmic Reading Training (RRT): a rhythm-based intervention for dyslexia
Giommi Fabio Contemplative Science. Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science. Mindfulness meditation and contemplative maps of the human mind
*part 2 will be held later in the year, dates to be defined
from Moday February 1st to Friday February 11th 2022
Cerami Chiara Neuropsychology of empathy and emotional processing
Cornoldi Cesare Clinical cases in learning disabilities
Garbuglia Francesca Behavioral Economics
Mattavelli Giulia Psychobiology of human eating behaviour: experimental and clinical research
from Monday May 30th to Friday June 10th 2022
Del Sette Paola From research questions to data analysis
Gelli Velia Personal History of Neuroscience
Sforza Fogliani Maria Paola Critical thinking from logical fallacies to correct reasoning
Fiorina Maria Laura Interaction between law and neuroscience theoretical aspects and application
Castagnetti Carolina STAT for social sciences: advanced module

**further courses may be added later in the year

Credits will be recognized with 80% of the attendance and automatically registered at the end of the academic year, according to the attendance reported.